Hey everyone! I’m Aimee Angelique, welcome to Mummy’s Intuition! A blog full of ideas and inspiration on pregnancy, holistic parenting, fashion, health and wellbeing! I blog about all the things that I LOVE and little tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way….

I have sourced some AMAZING and informative guest bloggers from various industries to keep you up to date with the latest & greatest! I have also just started two new Q&A interview segments with interesting people that share their secrets on health, wellness & living life to the fullest!

I have recently become a first time Mummy to my beautiful daughter Isabelle Angelique… She is my inspiration, my best friend and can’t imagine life without her! I’m so in love!

I have a background in entertainment, beauty, hair & styling and have worked for publications such as New Idea, Marie Claire and The Australian newspaper. I am a keen blogger and really enjoy helping people feel good about themselves!

My motto: Live life, be happy & always ♥LOVE♥

Profile photos & artwork pics are by Belinda Cook from Garland Photography. She is an award winning portrait & commercial photographer based in Sydney specialising in pregnancy, newborns, babies, children and families. www.garlandphotography.com.au



To my readers, please note this blog is based on my journey as a first time mother. It is for little tips, ideas, inspiration, educational and informational purposes only. For medical advice, please consult your own doctor or healthcare provider.

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