Mummy’s Intuition’s healthy week in Pics

Here are some inspiration pics from my week:

Pic 1- here’s a pic of all the fresh fruit and veg that we bought from our local farmers market for our families health. We find it’s always fresh, lasts much longer and ALWAYS cheeper than buying from the supermarket.


Pic 2- I am currently studying to become a Holistic Health Coach with IIN and one of our assignments this week was to Feng Shui our fridge so here’s mine… I thought it might be inspiring for you to see what’s in my fridge at the moment.



Pics 3,4, 5, 6 & 7 – Our family are normally very healthy and conscious eaters and always try to eat fresh, local and organic foods. The below pics are some of family favourites!








And finally pic 8 is just a really great reminder of why it’s amazing to exercise outside! Love it! I am trying to get back into doing regular exercise and love finding inspiring things to help motivate me. Here’s one them….



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