Having a cuppa with Libby Hobday aka Willy B Mum

379056_375675242509696_1631314854_n1. What are your 5 organic must haves? 

Organic food, Organic toys, Organic Bath products, Organic toothpaste (we use Jack n Jill) and Organic Nappies.

2. What are your top tips for living a non toxic lifestyle for people that are just starting out?
I would definitely consider cloth nappies if you have the resources to be able to do it like a washing machine and dryer or a big laundry sink. If not use nappies that not bleached and do not have harmful toxins in them. For me personally, I did not want my Son to be sitting in chemicals and bleached nappies 24/7 for the first years of his life. We use Seventh Generation here in the USA which are also biodegradable (LOVE that).
I also am a big fan of breastfeeding as long as you possible can. I breastfed my Son for 26 months. The chemicals and toxins that go into formulae and even just generally milk is really scary. If you can, get raw milk from a local trusted farm.

483722_436045196472700_1881994717_n3. Why is it important for you and your family to live an organic lifestyle?
There are so many more cases of horrible diseases like cancer killing people and you just have to stop and ask yourself why. Unless, you grow and prepare your own food, cleaning products and bath products you really have no idea what is going into them. It is so scary. My family cooks most of our own food. We use almost 100% organic products to reduce chemicals in our lives. Last summer we even started canning our own vegetables from our garden, which we are still enjoying now 10 months later.

4. What are your guilty treats that you indulge in?
This is a tough one. I guess maybe eating unhealthy at times, and for me that is pasta, bread or maybe something sweet. It is a rarity though.

426551_435123196564900_1353928375_n5. What are your favourite natural therapies?
I love to herbal steam baths with herbs from my garden. It is a great natural way to clear your skin of impurities. I have been doing this since I was a little girl.

6. What’s your favourite healthy meal you prepare for your family?
Roasted Veggies hands-down is so general and easy to do – set the over on 350F, line a baking tray with oven oil and a little sea-salt, roughly chop a bunch of veggies (my fav – cauliflower, tomatoes, onions and garlic), cover with aluminion foil, bake for an over, remover foil cover, increase heat to 400F and cook for another half an hour. Really quick and easy and perfect for little hands to nibble on. You can pretty much roast anything.1644_435642816512938_1755868024_n

7. Do you have any tips on natural cleaning products?
I use natural organic companies here in the USA like Vermont based Seventh Generation. However, I eventually hope to start making my own cleaning products…. if I ever find the time!!

8. What do you do to stay fit & active?
I run a lot. each time in the 5 mile/8KM range. I also do yoga, cardio kickboxing, yoga and Crossfit. I also horse ride at least once a week. I do some kind of exercise every day. Seems a little excessive maybe, but honestly for me after years of being like this, getting physical every day is like brushing my teeth or having a shower – don’t really think much about it.

551619_400695693340984_415285339_n9. How do you de-stress and relax?
Two things – drinking wine and knitting. Not neccesarily at the same time.

10. Do you take any supplements to help you stay healthy?
Nope. Everything I get comes from eating an almost un-processed, no fast-food, home cooked, vegetarian/vegan diet. Well, actually I did just start taking some vegan prenatal tablets – PreNexa – hoping to have another little one soon!

11. What are your top secret beauty tips?
Hmm, well I do get regular peels, facials and microdebrasion treatments. I admit it, I am vain when it comes to that.

559226_384686308275256_1681240992_n12. What are your favourite fun things to do with your gorgeous son Miles Storm?
Horse Riding is a big favorite. We both have simultaneous lessons once a week upstate NY. At 20 months of age, my Son was one of the stable we attend youngest students ever.

13. Do you have any tips for new Mummies?
Do the best you can, and don’t beat yourself if you cannot be what you feel is the perfect Mum. We are all human, and as long as we love ourselves and our Little Ones well… then we are doing the most amazing thing in the world!

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