Crystal Cures: Ancient Fertility Stones written by Judith Lukomski

©Reprinted with permission

20090822-SDIM0129Tears welled in her eyes as she read the early pregnancy test stick.  Kate wondered what would this month bring– disappointment or joy. She sighed.  Waiting what seemed like a lifetime as the minutes slowly passed.

     For many women and their partners this is an all too familiar scenario an uncomfortable ride on the emotional rollercoaster of infertility. Parenthood is a precious gift, one which most of us take for granted.  Yet, for many parents-to-be the journey is tumultuous.  It is filled with a mixture of hope and fear; packed with lessons in patience and trust because of the difficulty to conceive and carry a child to term.

     With the accessibility of birth control, changes in our environment and diet, along with economic needs and work place demands women are delaying pregnancy or having difficulty conceiving.  Over the last several years I have seen a swell of clients dealing with the heartbreak of infertility.  And it is not only women; men are struggling to cope with fertility problems.

     Preparation for pregnancy and parenthood compels a delicate balance in personal harmony.  Individually, there is an underlying integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beliefs underway.  A review of values and goals highlights where there is an energetic misalignment; too much or too little focus in one area can result in energetic blockages or agitation and may result in physical dis-ease.   Learning to balance chakras (energy centers) opens the space of possibilities and encourages overall health.

      Aligning energy centers can be accomplished through meditation or a variety of integrative healing modalities including crystal therapy.  This ancient practice offers a compliment tools to assist with infertility issues and can easily be used in conjunction with allopathic medicine.   Healing techniques include: the application of specific stone energy, e.g. garnet, or rose quartz, in jewelry, carrying as touchstones or applied via laying-on-of-stones along with meditation grids or through gem elixirs.  Crystal therapy can be practiced alone or supported by a professional practitioner.

     When focusing on physical issues, garnet or carnelian are the touchstones to use.  They help your maintain focus on taking positive action. While semi-precious stone amethyst energy helps to clear mind and deepen your awareness to spiritual insights.  Aventurine and rose quartz remind us to stay centered in compassion and love when used as talismans.   A poignant example of crystal therapy in action follows.

    20090822-SDIM0117 Kate had been married for several years.  In her late thirties she was ready for motherhood.  However, she had not conceived despite being off birth control for months, monitoring her cycle and being in good health. Over the course of months she felt the burden of heavy heart and decided to broaden her approach.  She began to practice chakra balancing plus opting to wear a crystal pendant faithfully when used as talismans.

     The necklace Kate wore was a combination of moonstone, a shimmering opalescent member of the feldspar crystal family and red garnet.  This crystalline pair offers a powerful combination to accelerate fertility intentions.  Garnet represents life force energies while moonstone calls on the Divine feminine or Goddess energies to bring forth creation and life.

   The calendar moved along and despite not conceiving Kate prepared to welcome the baby to her body and home.  She and her husband prayed, they cleared the spare room and as they worked together creating for the future their relationship deepened with a renewed commitment to family.  Within a short time the couple conceived additional traditional medical treatment.  A months later they welcomed healthy baby to the family.

     Kate and her husband are the first to say: “Stay in the space of possibilities it is part of the journey.  No one knows how life will turn out for certain.”

     One thing I know is that attitude makes a difference.    Positivity matters, especially on the path to parenthood.      Envision a healthy pregnancy.  See yourself or loved one progressing through the various stages of pregnancy from conception to birth with ease.  Surround yourself with a supportive community; people who lift your spirits and share your vision.   Dreams come true in the most unexpected ways–stay open to the possibilities!

33Judith Lukomski is a catalyst for global positive change.  She is a renowned intuitive and crystal expert, co-author of Hay House publication Crystal Therapy, founder of the Crystal Energist® Practitioner Program, and creator of Crystals with Judith CD series. For information on her work visit: and you are warmly invited to join the .

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