Having a cuppa with Brenda from Brenda Janschek Health & Lifestyle

DSC_85541. Firstly can you please tell us a little about yourself and your business and what made you start your it?

Hi Aimee, well I’m a mother of two beautiful children, Yasmeen 7yrs and Orlando 9yrs and I’ve been happily married to my husband Adrian for 17yrs.

I’m a qualified health coach, speaker and wellness blogger. And a passionate spokesperson for children’s health,nutrition and family wellbeing. Through the various programs I offer through Brenda Janschek Health & Lifestyle, I hope to educate mums and families about the benefits of whole, clean, nutritious foods and show how making healthy choices today will benefit good health in the future.

58861_419513728134171_1544962518_n2. What inspired you to become a health coach?

My deep interest in nutrition and lifestyle was triggered when my husband and I attended a natural fertility centre 11yrs ago, because we weren’t able to conceive after trying for 4 years.

We learnt so much about preparing our bodies properly for conception and I found I just wanted to learn more and more. Through my own personal studies, my knowledge kept growing and evolving to the point where I felt that I would literally burst with information if I didn’t start sharing it with the world!

So I decided to formalise my study by enrolling in the largest nutrition school in the world and become qualified to spread the word that the food & lifestyle choices you make now will impact yours & your childrens future health.

3. Why are you so passionate about organic whole foods?

Organic whole foods are a must in my book because I believe that produce which is sprayed with chemicals (like herbacides, fungacides and insecticides) are damaging to our health and can contribute to serious illnesses.

Also, organically raised animals ARE NOT given antibiotics, growth hormones and medications to prevent disease and spur growth, which are also damaging to our health.

Just be aware that not all organic food is healthy, specifically pre-packaged types.

DSC_85264. In your opinion why is it important for us to eat healthy and wholesome foods?

We are living in a society that is so fast paced that people want convenience and therefore eat too much processed foods, instead of food from fresh whole ingredients. And we are seeing a massive increase in child obesity, Type 2 diabetes, illness, auto-immune disorders and various diseases.

Eating healthy and wholesome food means we are using food as medicine and giving ourselves an opportunity to properly nourish ourselves with every bite.

5. What are your top five tips to eating healthy?

* Eat plenty of organic vegetables, especially leafy greens plus organic fruit

* Eat what’s in season

* Eat organic whole foods and pastured animals, eggs, cheese, butter & cream

* Learn to read labels

* Drink water, lots

293602_398323386919872_1986411816_n6. What are your tips on cutting out ‘bad’ food? And what should we try to avoid?

One of the programs I offer is a Kitchen Reboot, which involves removing all the “bad” food from your pantry and fridge and replacing these items with healthy and nutritious alternatives.

Having the kitchen properly stocked means that their will only be healthy options to reach for when you or your family get hunger pains!

Meal planning and creating a shopping list for the week or month is also a great way to ensure that you eat food that will promote optimum well being, and it almost guarantees that you avoid the last minute take-away option when you’ve had an extra busy day.

Parents need to take charge of what goes into the shopping trolley & limit the supply of unhealthy packaged foods that generally contain artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, hydrogenated oils and refined sugars and grains.

7. Where do you do your grocery shopping every week? And what five things are always on your shopping list?

I shop at health food stores all around the Eastern Suburbs & at the moment I’m in love with Oxford St Mall Markets in Bondi Junction where I pick up organic fruit & vegetables, sourdough bread, raw honey & pastured eggs.

DSC_84538. Do you set yourself a weekly budget? And if so what do you do to stay on budget?

I have sacrificed the wardrobe budget in favour of my food budget! No, seriously I would give up much more before compromising on buying organic wholefoods and pastured foods for my family.

9. Have you got any tips on preparing a healthy weekly food plan? If so what kind of meals and snacks are on it?

As mentioned above, my Meal Planning blog is worth a look for benefits and tips on food planning. My Kitchen Reboot program involves a healthy weekly food plan plus recipes and shopping list, but for a more long term program, my 40 days to a ful life program includes 6 weeks of meal plans, recipes and shopping lists! The meals range from Breakfast Rice Porridge to Spelt & Buckwheat Pancakes for breakfast, to dinners which include Sesame Beef Rice Paper Rolls and Sweet Potato Pancakes. Snacks include apple wedges with nut butter, raw cacao balls and kale chips & delicious smoothies.

10. In a world filled with so many processed ‘convenient’ foods what are your tips on avoiding them?

Always have a bountiful supply of beautiful fresh fruit, vegetabless, dips, nuts & healthy treats available at home & simply limit the supply of processed convenient foods. It’s always handy to have “ healthier” convenient foods in the cupboard for those extra busy times when you just need a quick fix for you or the kids.

DSC_883211. What 5 ingredients can’t you live without?

Young coconuts

Coconut oil

Cacao powder

Raw honey

Pastured Eggs

12. Do you have a favourite restaurant/cafe at the moment? 

I really love everything on the menu at my local Oneness Cafe in Coogee and I adore the raw food at  Earth To Table in Bondi Junction and Bread & Circus in Alexandria is simply divine!

13. You’re a mother of 2, have a successful career and you run your own business. What are your tips “have it all”?

To be honest, things are a little frantic around here trying to juggle the demands of motherhood and running my own business.

But some lessons I’m learning through this experience are to let go of perfection, reach out for help, stay in the moment, and ensure I get some “me” time.

DSC_8473b-1024x68114. Do you take time out to de-stress, relax and have “ME” time? If so what do you do and do you have any tips?

Not much “me” time to report but I am committed to my soulful morning walks along the coast, doing the occasional dance class , 5 minutes of focussed breathing or catching up with a friend for a herbal tea at a local cafe.

This time to myself is of utmost importance keeps me happy, centred and nourished.

14. What are your favourite fun things to do on the week end with your family?

On the weekend we just love chilling out. We love strolling down to Coogee for breakfast, followed by a swim & we inevitably run into friends from the community and just hang out and see where the day takes us. There’s usually someone’s BBQ, party or gathering to join.

15. Do you have any tips for new Mummies?

Yes, don’t believe everything you read in the parenting books!

Use them as guidelines, but remember your baby is a beautiful individual soul and it will take time for you to get to know each other.

And try to exist in the moment, enjoy as many moments as you can, because when you blink, they will be 8yrs old, blink again and they are 16!

Bren x





One thought on “Having a cuppa with Brenda from Brenda Janschek Health & Lifestyle

  1. Great interview. I feel like the 40 days to a ful life would solve so many bad food habits for me and my family that we can stick to instead of a quick fix. Will be checking it out now. Being in fashion sacrificing wardrobe for food made me gasp until I acknowledged most of us have way too many clothes anyway.

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