Q&A: Real Stories from Real Mums –
 Lucy from Sydney

IMG_10221. How many children do you have & how old are they?
I have one child, Bella Lockett and she has only just turned 1.

2. What are your 5 must have baby essentials? 

• Thermometer
• Baby nail clippers
• Muslin wraps
• Calming lavender bedtime bath
• Baby play mat

3. What are your 5 must have Mummy essentials?
• Chamomile Tea
• Breast pads
• Breast Pump
• Bottles (Even if you plan to breastfeed you may need to use a bottle for one reason or another for expressed breast milk or formula. My favourite are the Green to Grow Glass bottles.)
• 15 minutes of time on your own everyday to catch your breath, whether that means a short walk outside or just to be able to sit and relax on your own to re energize. IMG_0594

4. What is your fondest memory of being pregnant?
My fondest memory of being pregnant was feeling Bella move and kick inside my tummy. I actually really missed this sensation after Bella was born.

5. Can you give us 5 words to describe your labor?
• Painful
• Focused
• Challenging
• Fast
• Successful

6. What’s the funniest thing your baby has done to date?
Babies do the funniest things, but probably for Bella was in her room my partner has a huge collection of hats sitting above a wardrobe and every morning 
Bella looks up at the hats and says “ Daddy’s HAAATTTS Daddy Hats” and it is hilarious to hear.

IMG_09647. What’s your profession & do you plan on returning to it now that you’re a Mummy?
Before I fell pregnant I was a student studying a bachelor of business major in Public Relations as well as working full time in a public relations agency.

I really enjoy PR and am currently looking for a PR job that I can juggle motherhood with, without missing Bella too much.

It’s a tough gig because I really enjoy being busy and productive within my career life but as we all know once we become mothers our priorities change, I would love to continue to work in PR but I am also open to other options, I am just hoping for the best and am sure everything will work out how it’s suppose to.

image[2]8. What advice can you give to expectant mothers?
Trust you instinct and follow your intuition, because as new mothers we receive copious amounts of advice from so many different avenues, which can sometimes be confusing. I came to realize that at the end of the day it’s your baby, you know what’s best and you need to have faith that what your doing is right. Not to say all advice is bad it can just become overwhelming especially when you’re a new mummy.

9. What’s the thing that you least expected about motherhood? 
So many different things, as the end of my pregnancy crept closer, I thought I was totally prepared for what’s to come, however when Bella was born it became clear that in fact I totally was not. I wasn’t prepared at all for my loss of sleep and loss of independence I thought that this baby would simply fit into my life, but I was wrong, obviously your life totally changes on a massive scale when you have a baby, but how much love I have for Bella is what blew me away the most, and is worth absolutely everything.

image 210. What’s your favourite weekly activity that you and your baby do together? 
If it’s a nice day we love going down to Wylies baths in Coogee for the morning. Bella is a huge water baby so she absolutely loves it. We skip her morning nap go for a play and a swim and when we return home Bella has lunch, a bottle and than she has a huge sleep, and I usually do the same .

11. What does it mean to be an “eco friendly” Mummy? & How do you keep it green?
I keep it green by simple things, I try and eat clean, staying away from processed foods, and buying bulk on healthy nutritious foods such as fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes and beans. I try and cook bulk meals for both my partner and Bella this saves time, energy and electricity. We also have a recycling and compost bin that we use. These are just simple and easy things I try and do as I think it is important to be cautious about the environment and how we can try and preserve the earth for our children and the future. Even if it is just the little things.

12. Even on the hardest day (when you’ve had NO sleep) what still makes you smile? 
Coming in to see Bella in the morning, saying “mumma, mumma” with a huge smile on her face and her hands out wanting a hug, Always, always makes everything ok and definitely puts a smile on my face.

image13. Do you need to stick to any kind of diet or cut any foods out due to breastfeeding and if so why?
When Bella was born she had really bad colic, I didn’t exactly go on any specific diet however I found that when I ate foods that were extremely rich for example pasta with rich sauces like Napolitano I found that Bella was very colicky the next day. I just tried to keep clear of these things until Bella’s colic settled down.

One thing that I believe helped colic was chamomile tea, it seemed to have a calming effect on both Bella and I.

14. What’s your favourite healthy meal that you serve to your family?
I have only just discovered the brilliance of a slow cooker so at the moment I am obsessed with cooking meals all to do with the slow cooker.

My favourite meal at the moment is a whole chicken vegetable soup, you just throw in a beautiful free range chicken and any vegetables of your choice and leave it to cook all day, its fantastic.

67359_10151479939104043_1960668561_n15. Are there any pregnancy or parenting books you recommend reading?
My girlfriend recommended “Save Our Sleep” by Tizzie Hall I found this book very helpful in the beginning of motherhood, it helped me understand routine, as well as loads of little tips on sleeping. I didn’t follow it exactly but it was very useful as a guide.

16. What’s the thing that happens that makes you think & or say “Oh no not again!”
When we have exploding nappies, this obviously is more common with teething but either way it always makes me think “ Oh no not again”.think “ Oh no not again”.

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 Lucy from Sydney

  1. this is a lovely article to read . helping mothers of today . I wish it was around in my day it would have been very helpful. nana norma

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