Dry Brushing and fertility by Jodie Smith

542420_448784485151249_794324968_nAre you aware that preconception health care improves pregnancy outcomes?

Deciding you want to have a baby is a huge decision and for some falling pregnant is not as easy as they thought.  Getting your body and mind in a healthy state will definitely be to your advantage. Research shows that conditions such as miscarriage, premature birth, breast-feeding difficulties, eczema and poor resistance to infection are often preventable. Lowering your stress levels, increasing the nutrients and decreasing the toxins that go into your body before conception and during pregnancy is key.

Eggs and sperm are both vulnerable to toxicity, especially when you consider that eggs take approximately 100 days to mature and sperm take up to 116 days to generate. Which means the health of both parents 4-5 months prior to conception is extremely important.

Preconception health care can include regular exercise, a healthy eating plan, drinking plenty of water, practicing yoga and other natural health practices like, Dry Body Brushing.

Dry skin brushing became popular in the 1970’s for exfoliating the skin and detoxifying the body. Russian doctors were of the first to discover the health benefits of dry skin brushing. Our skin is the largest organ of elimination, arteries, veins, nerves and the lymphatic system work together to create healthy skin and a healthy body. The skin is often called the 3rd kidney because it eliminates a quarter of the toxins from the body (the lungs are the 2nd kidney).

According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, our skin is meant to release up to 2 lbs. of toxins each day. If the pores are clogged, their function is diminished, and the toxins can be stored in the body.  Dry brushing helps to remove the dead skin cells blocking the release of toxins through the pores. Once the dead skin is exfoliated, the pores are open and can expel toxins more easily. Dry brushing increases circulation of the lymphatic system, which helps the body detox through the skin, and other elimination systems within the body.

Things to consider when purchasing your body brush are; get a plant bristle brush because it works best for exfoliating skin and stimulating circulation; choose a bristle firmness that you feel comfortable to touch; buy a brush that is non-toxic so you don’t transfer it onto your skin and you always brush on dry skin before having a shower or bath.

So if you are thinking about having a baby and want to start a preconception health care routine there are a few things you can do right now.  Start dry body brushing, get a healthy eating plan advised from your naturopath and start a regular exercise routine.

Happy Brushing!

Jodie Smith


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