Having a cuppa with Claire Obeid from The Wellness Project

Claire 6Firstly can you please tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Claire Obeid. I am the creator of The Wellness Project. As-a Holistic Health Coach + Yoga teacher I’m on a mission to show women that they can live, breath and be in health.

I run coaching programs (individuals, groups, corporate) for individuals who are ready to find balance, true happiness and perfect health. What does that look like? Energy and loads of it, healthy gut, sparkly skin, better weight, happy mind, strong body.

I’ve basically thrown out the diet-plans and rulebooks and instead I coach individuals from a place of intuition, knowledge and respect. My client’s lifestyle, dietary history, culture and current state of health are the only rules I follows to create big, lasting changes.

All good things have an opposite, and who I am today is in stark contrast to where I came from! I lost my way and was left with a very unbalanced body and mind. Eventually it was yoga, meditation returning to my family’s ‘real food’ approach to health that led me to discover my OWN brand of wellness… So that’s what I do! Through coaching I now passionately help women to cultivate their own brand of wellness.

I truly feels that we are what we eat, think, feel, breathe, do… and I encourage each and everyone of you to respect the breath, the body and the mind. I’m here to guide individuals to connect in to who you they are, feeding the body in the best way possible and nourishing the soul.


1. What are your 5 organic must haves?

1. My fruit and vegetables
2. Any animal based products in my life – (yoghurt, eggs, meat) the higher up the food chain the fussier I am that it has to be organic (grass fed/pastured)
3. The milk I drink – raw, unpasteurised dairy or almond/rice milk
4. Skincare products
5. Cleaning products

2. What are your top tips for living a non-toxic lifestyle for people that are just starting out?

Start with the little things. I don’t use deodorant, perfumes or wear much make-up anymore. I switched to natural or homemade cleaning products and I keep my food organic and toxic free where possible. Less processed food means less chemicals.

3. Why is it important for you to live an organic lifestyle?

From a personal perspective it’s important because I’ve been on the other side. I put my body through a lot of physical and emotional stress during my teens and early 20s. Eating, drinking and living excessively left me with adrenal fatigue, a serious case of IBS, an ectopic heartbeat and a very unhappy state of mind. Living a healthy lifestyle, which includes organic as much as possible, is simple because I experienced the polar-opposite to those earlier years and I like it! I love feeling alive, ready for the world, happy, calm, focused. From a collective perspective the less I harm this earth the better. I’m not perfect, I drive a car but I try to do the best I can and contribute in anyway I can.

4. Do you have any guilty treats that you indulge in?

I am all about balance! Honestly, though, after years of clean-living I’ve detoxed the physical and emotional cravings! So now eating treats doesn’t feel guilty and it’s not that frequent because it’s not what I find to be indulgent anymore.

That said I do love Loving Earth Coconut Mylk or my own homemade bliss balls. Right now I’m into these delicious fruit yoghurt pops. Check them out here

yoghurtpops5. What are your favourite natural therapies?

Remedial or Ka Huna massage, Reiki, Kinesiology and Acupuncture. I don’t get to do each of these all the time but when I need it, I’m there!

6. Do you have a favourite healthy meal you prepare at home?

I can’t go past a big green salad with kale, chard, silverbeet, hemp seeds, goji berries, ACV dressing and steamed fish on the side.

I also love to whip up my famous and super healthy falafels! Recipe here

falafels7. Do you have any tips on natural cleaning products?

Make you own! Bicarb soda, water, essential oils and vinegar is all you need. There are a lot of brands out there that do natural products so if you don’t have the time to make one you can easily purchase one

8. What exercise do you do to stay fit & active?

I have a regular yoga practice including pranayama (breathing techniques and meditation) that usually takes up the first 2hours of my day. I walk regularly and stretch at home. I’m not into different styles of exercise and sports because I’ve found what works for me for the moment. When It no longer works I’ll change. Yoga grounds me, nourishes me body, mind and soul and keeps me strong and open.

Claire 10529. How do you de-stress and relax?

Yoga – making up sequences in my yoga room and getting playful. Journaling – getting stuff out of my head or practising gratitude. Catching up with friends to talk and laugh. Switching off from social media for a few days. Meditation. Time with my fiancé. Cooking. Walking. Reading. Swimming in the ocean.

10. Do you take any supplements to help you stay healthy?

I try and fill my diet up with all the good stuff and always prefer more natural options but I do realise that in the world we live in that the produce we have might not give us everything we need, or we might not eat enough of the right stuff. Right now I take a probiotic every morning followed by Good Green Stuff – a green supplement. I take ArmaForce (it contains olive leaf extract, vitamin c, Echinacea and andropgraphics) if I’m feeling a little run down. I take fish oil (when I remember), Super Greens (another green blend) every other day and I have a herbal mixture from a naturopath that’s great at building immunity during winter. Truly though, it’s best to consult a naturopath or your GP for advice on supplementation.

11. What are your top 5 secret beauty tips?

1. Coconut oil for your face and body
2. A natural deodorant (I am trying Miessence only before yoga) – or no deodorant at all
3. Less make-up – just try a natural/mineral tinted moisturiser. I like Jane Iredale.
4. Have mascara free days – seriously, let your eyelashes grow back!
5. Hot towel scrub before you jump in the shower. Get the lympathic system going and watch your skin glow!

12. What are your favourite fun things to do on the weekend?

Breakfast with my fiancé – a big cook-up at home or exploring one of the many, amazing wholefood cafes that are in Sydney.
Switching off from social media – I try not to use it all weekend!
Going to the beach – I grew up at the ocean and it’s always going to be part of me. Reading in the sunshine and swimming in the ocean make me feel whole.
Being slow, lazy and quiet
Spending time with my nieces and nephews because they make me laugh and fill up my love-cup!

IMG_358213. What’s you favourite restaurant/cafe at the moment?

I love Bread and Circus in Alexandria. Gorgeous fresh food, amazing smoothies, stunning side dishes and fantastic energy and vibe. I rarely go, but when I do it’s a treat.

14. Do you have a morning ritual or routine that you follow and if so what does it involve?

I rise. I wash my face, brush my teeth and go to the bathroom. I take my pro-biotic and then Good Green Stuff. I make a cup of lemon, hot water and coconut oil.

If it’s a yoga morning I take my tea in my keep cup and drive to practice. There I’ll practice yoga, meditate and drive home. I’ll shower and then make a BIG breakfast with lots of protein and fat.

If it’s not a yoga (rarely!) I’ll finish my tea and head out for a walk, or I’ll meditate, journal and start the day with silence and gratitude before beginning my work.

15. Do you have any tips for new Mummies?

I’m not a mum (yet!) so I don’t have personal tips with this amazing yet challenging experience. But hopefully when I am a mum I will remember that organisation and planning are the keys to healthy living. Whatever you can do in bulk (preparing baby’s food, the family’s food) is a great idea. Outsource – get other people to help with the things you no longer have the time for (a cleaner perhaps) and make sure you schedule time for the things that are important for you. E.g if you love meditation and you know it keeps you sane speak to your partner about allotting time for that so he knows he’s got the bub.



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