Crystals and Children Written by Judith Lukomski

Dad with little son outdoors at ocean

Written and copyrighted by the author; reprinted here with permission.

 I watched a little boy discover a glorious treasure today.  Hands raised high; he held a weathered stone.  His face beaming with excitement and happiness!   The sight was a powerful reminder–children are teachers demonstrating insatiable curiosity, infinite joy and compassionate trust.

We are living in exciting times as humanity is welcoming an increasing number of babies born with amplified intuitive abilities and awareness.  Christened Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal children, these amazing souls instinctively use energetic healing modalities from: aromatherapy and herbology to color and crystal therapy.

One of my dearest clients, Anne, is the grandmother to a sweet Crystal Child shared a wonderful example.  Recently, Sophie, her youngest grandchild was visiting when she was not feeling well. Anne has circulatory issues and arthritis which sometimes prevent her from participating in the simplest family activities.

During the visit, Sophie hugged her and walked to a dish of colorful stones on the table where she selected a deep red crystal.  Briefly Sophie held it close to heart and with a smile handed it to her grandmother.  “Put it on your heart, Mimi. You’ll be better.” Sophie sweetly stated. Her grandmother fulfilled the requested.  After a few minutes of holding the stone in silence, Anne opened her eyes.  She indeed felt better.

 unpolished-garnetsThe stone Sophie chose was a natural unpolished garnet.  Common healing properties of this semi-precious stone include: improving circulation and releasing energetic blockages.  Drawn to the perfect crystal she trusted her inner guidance and shared her gifts without hesitation–a teaching moment,

 Like many of the children today, Sophie is very sensitive and her sleep patterns are sometimes erratic.  In a world where video games, social media, sports and school activities all demand attention it is easy to become overloaded.  Implementing crystal tools can help ease over-stimulation for children and adults.

In my crystal therapy practice, I have found the sleep grid outlined below especially helpful for those individual dealing with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder).

The rose quartz stones form a vibrational cocoon of unconditional love while the hematite serves to anchor a protective energy field.  The crystalline grid creates harmonious environment and cultivates a sense of sanctuary. Incorporating a positive affirmation statement ensures the mind relaxes and confirms the intention to rest.  Following are the key steps to create your own sleep grid.

  1. Select 4 small tumbled rose quartz stones.
  2. Place 1 rose quartz in each corner of the room.
  3. Add the hematite under the bed.
  4. State your affirmation out loud e.g.: “I am relaxed, I enjoy a restful night and awaken refreshed for the day.”

 holding a stone-1Crystal therapy offers an abundance of natural solutions for everyday problems.  I hope you’ll explore it with the inquisitiveness and delight of a child. Enjoy the journey!

Judith Lukomski is a catalyst for positive change offering mystical insights practical tools for transformation. She is a gifted intuitive and renowned crystal expert, co-author of Hay House publication Crystal Therapy, creator of the Crystal Energist® Practitioner and GEMS™ Success Strategies for Life Programs.

Additionally, she is a respected business leader inspiring, and delivering Intuitive Leadership and Self-Empowerment workshops globally while continuing her writing and private practice.  For additional information visit: Additionally, you are warmly invited to meet up via the:

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