Q&A: Real Stories from Real Mums – Bryanan from Sydney


308734_4250095524953_1067102443_n1. How many children do you have & how old are they?
I have a 16 month old daughter, Annalyse.

2. What are your 5 must have baby essentials?
When I was pregnant I thought I needed EVERYTHING… we went a bit baby cray cray and bought a cot, change table, pram, walker, baby shampoo and conditioner, baby bath, breast pump, bottles, dummies etc etc….. Well 9 months and a few thousand dollars later it turns out I didn’t need any of it, the only things I ended up using were my Ergo, my bed and my Boobies! Also now that she’s a little older, I can add to the list- hair ties for her piggy tails… other than that I just give her my love and attention… material things are a waste of time and money. All kids really need is good parents who have their best interest at heart.

image_13554053312426313. What are your 5 must have Mummy essentials?
1. For the first 2 weeks I swore by lanolin for my cracked nipples.
2. Sleep!
3. Jono, my partner.
4. Green tea and dark chocolate.
5. ME time… I didn’t even think about having some me time until Annalyse was about 6 months old and it all started to catch up to me. I think ‘Me time’ is THE most important thing a mummy can have… otherwise you will end up walking around the house with your partners shirt on, dreadlocks forming in the back of your head and legs that look like something off planet of the apes…don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

4. What is your fondest memory of being pregnant?
Gosh, I have so many fond memories of being pregnant it’s so hard to choose. I think it would have to be Jono reading bedtime stories to my tummy on his nights off work and my peanuts little hands and feet following his voice as if she was reaching out to him. The excitement on Jono’s face made me fall in love with him all over again and made me sooo excited to meet the little girl inside me.

image_13554052976677885. Can you give us 5 words to describe your labor?
PAINFUL is an understatement, LONG; 12 hours, DISSAPOINTING that it didn’t go as I had planned, EXCITING that she was almost here and AMAZING in every way!
6. What’s the funniest thing your baby has done to date?
Everyone who knows my daughter knows that she is a clown just like her father… she’s constantly entertaining and theres no way I can pick just one thing as her funniest moment. She’s a character and although it will probably get her into trouble when she’s older, I think it’s one of her best qualities.

7. What’s your profession & do you plan on returning to it now that you’re a Mummy?
I’m 22 years young and so had Annalyse before I started a proper career but she’s motivated me to get my ass into gear and do something with my life… I’m about to start studying baby, child and pregnancy nutrition and also want to become a breastfeeding counsellor and eventually lactation consultant.

image_13554054139234528. What advice can you give to expectant mothers?
My amazing friend Sian is who I give credit to for helping me become the mum I am today. The best advice she gave me was to follow my instincts … too many people parent in certain way because ‘that’s what their mother did’ or that’s how their friends are doing it’ or ‘they read it in a book’ I mean, yes, having outside opinions do help and there is some amazing books out there, but at the end of the day, if you listen to your gut and do what you FEEL is rite then you can’t go wrong.

9. What’s the thing that you least expected about motherhood?
The thing that I least expected would be how natural parenting became after I got the hang of it. I admit that I doubted myself and my capabilities as a mother when I was pregnant but when I stopped listening to ‘modern society’s’ way of doing things and started listening to myself and my baby, it became easy.

image_135540538740879510. What’s your favourite weekly activity that you and your baby do together?
I love our movie nights where we pull the bed into the lounge room, watch a movie together and eat fruit whilst cuddling.

11. What does it mean to be an “eco friendly” Mummy? & How do you keep it green?
I’m defiantly not the ‘greenest’ parent out there… i use disposable nappys and don’t always make the best decision for the planet but when I do the groceries I buy eco-friendly products, we also only eat meat twice a week and we recycle. In saying this, 2 years ago I didn’t think twice about what effect I had on the planet and the choices I had…BUT I’m still learning and slowly (but surely) getting there



12. Even on the hardest day (when you’ve had NO sleep) what still makes you smile?
Even 16 months on I still have nights where I get hardly any sleep but Annalyse always makes me smile nonetheless… how can a mother not smile at the massive bambi eyes and cheeky grins that our babies give us?!

13. Do you need to stick to any kind of diet or cut any foods out due to breastfeeding and if so why?
At first chocolate and milk would make Annalyse really gassy so that was a no-no until about 2-3 months but other than that, no! I ate pretty much the same as I always would.
Also in relation to the question, I was actually talking to 2 girls last night, 1 has a 5 month old baby and the other was pregnant, BOTH of these girls mentioned on separate occasions during the night that ‘after I finish breastfeeding I’m going to go on a diet and lose all this baby weight’ …can I just add that you don’t need to stop breastfeeding to go on a ‘diet’!!! As long as you eat plenty of greens, vegies and fruit in small amounts, frequently you can still lose baby weight. If anything breastfeeding whilst cutting out the crap will make the process faster. As long as you’re still eating 1200 calories a day you will be healthy and radiant with ample amounts of milk.
image_135540539910648414. What’s your favourite healthy meal that you serve to your family?
Jono does most of the cooking in our house and can I just say he makes the best healthy bruschetta I’ve ever had… ide give you the recipe but I don’t think he would let me haha.
15. Are there any pregnancy or parenting books you recommend reading?
There are two books which I really love and recommend. For 0-12months it would be the continuum concept and for 1year+ it would be unconditional parenting.
16. What’s the thing that happens that makes you think & or say “Oh no not again!”
People’s reactions when I tell them that I want to breastfeed Annalyse for 3+ years… annoying but at the same time, priceless!



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