Pregnancy Dry Body Brush Pack by Bodecare

Pregnancy-Pack-2So excited to announce Bodecare have just released a Pregnancy Dry Body Brush Pack. See all the details below!

Look after your skin during pregnancy and avoid getting stretch marks, fluid retention, that uncomfortable dry patchy skin and red bumps.  Please check with your doctor first that you are ok to dry body brush.
Use a soft plant bristle dry body brush that is gentle enough for your entire body, but will keep your circulation moving and dry skin away. The Jute Long Handled brush worth $25.50 has a unique shape that will cover a large surface area of your body while brushing and is slightly curved for easy access to your back and comes in a embroided drawstring bag.  Ensure you don’t get stretch marks by using organic Jojoba oil.   The finest moisturising oil, it’s odourless, natural, non-greasy, and extremely stable and safe to use while pregnant. It doesn’t break down when exposed to water or oxygen and, a natural carrier of Vitamin E and a natural antioxidant; it is an extremely efficient non-comedogenic moisture regulator, penetrating the skin to moisturize without blocking the pores. Aging is closely related to the state of elasticity of the skin. As your stomach grows the elasticity of the skin is really stretched, Jojoba is extraordinarily rich in ‘insaponifiables’, substances that can actually increase dermal elasticity.  Value $25.50  Size: 100ml.
Don’t forget to look after your face as well, the Jute Dry Face Brush is exclusive to Bodecare, it is a soft plant bristle that will exfoliate your skin and leave it looking refreshed and smooth, it is worth $17.50, comes packed in a gorgeous hand embroided drawstring bag.  It is recommended to use the jojoba oil after dry face brushing to keep the skin well hydrated, because this brush exfoliates really well.

Take care of your brushes with the Bodecare Tea Tree Spray, spritz on the bristles after every use of your brush. Compact size, 50 ml pump spray bottle worth $9.90, it can fit easy into your cosmetic case while you travel or even in your handbag during the day. Tea Tree is a powerful bactericide, killing a broad spectrum of bacteria and some stubborn fungi.   If you do not clean your brush and allow your body brush to dry completely, you are more than likely spreading bacteria back on your skin when dry body brushing. If plant bristles are left damp and are not drying it creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

This pack also includes the luxurious towelling Head Band worth $10.50, to neatly tuck away your hair while cleansing your face or showering. This head band has very thick terry towelling made of the highest quality, it will last a life time.  The pregnancy pack is designed to take care of you during this very special time, enjoy!

Total Value of the Pack is $92.90, Gift Wrapped
You Save $12.90

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