High Waisted Bikini’s, A New Mom’s Best Friend- By Fashion Stylist Lenya Jones

This summer high waisted bikinis are all the rage.  This fantastic fifties look can be great on a new mum figure.  The high waisted bottoms cover all stomach issues and the full coverage tops give better support for your new and sometimes sensitive bust.

You can buy this look from several different designers.  Here are three of my favourites:

Jet’s Swimwear  has the best range of this type of swimwear

Underwear of Sweden has come up with a fantastic line of Swimmable Underwear that is both fashionable, useful and fantastic.

For our plus size Mom’s there is Elomi Swimwear.  They have a very beautiful range of plus size swimwear and lingerie.  This swimwear line has bra tops that range from A cups to HH cups which makes it very comfortable for new moms.

Written by Lenya Jones



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