Q&A: Real Stories from Real Mums – Aleta from ‘Kundalini Yoga for Women with Aleta’

1. How many children do you have & how old are they? Basti 5 &  Anton 3months

2. What are your 5 must have baby essentials?
1) At least 1000 kisses a day
2) Onesy’s
3) Pea pods cloth nappies & a huge supply of disposables, I need both!
4) Coconut oil for bubs skin & my skin
5) A good sling and a good pram because I don’t drive it is my wheels so to speak

3. What are your 5 must have Mummy essentials?
1) Music – I sing songs while bubs is unsettled to stop myself feeling stressed there is nothing like trying to sing all the words to ‘like a rolling stone’ or a really tricky sanskrit or gurmukhi mantra to take your mind off the intensity of things and it shifts your vibration. When a mummies vibration shifts so does their bubs as they share the mum’s energy field for the first year of life.
2) Meditation – maintains my energy, mind & meness
3) Gogi berries, bananas & almonds – snacks on the run
4) Other mummies – their wisdom beats all the books
5) Laughter, if u can’t laugh you are _ _ _ _ _ _
6) Social media (ummm i need 6 things)

4. What is your fondest memory of being pregnant?
Our secret, silent 10 month conversation

5. Can you give us 5 words to describe your labor?
Hard, Primal, Empowering, Humbling and Enlightening

6. What’s the funniest thing your baby has done to date?
He sings! I love it!

7. What’s your profession & do you plan on returning to it now that you’re a Mummy?
I’m a yogi and yes it will evolve with me

8. What advice can you give to expectant mothers?
Focus inside talk to bubs and listen because they will talk back

9. What’s the thing that you least expected about motherhood?
That boys are so sweet

10. What’s your favourite weekly activity that you and your baby do together?
Mum & Bub yoga with Lynda

11. What does it mean to be an “eco friendly” Mummy? & How do you keep it green?

*Reusable nappies when at home
*I make our main cleaning product
*We buy and eat as local as possible and we buy from the village shops
*We reuse heaps and pass around clothes with friends
*I connect with nature and mother earth and talk about this with the kids each day whether it be watering our tiny patch of green or looking at and listening to birds, eating berries off the street trees or meditating on the grass

12. Even on the hardest day (when you’ve had NO sleep) what still makes you smile? My boys little faces and how when I tell my eldest I am having a hard time he tells me he feels sorry for me

13. Do you need to stick to any kind of diet or cut any foods out due to breastfeeding and if so why?
I eat as close to the earth as I can. I am not into processed foods. My diet is vego and as alkaline as I can manage but I do love a daily treat of coffee and a good quality cake which is in abundant supply around the inner city

14. What’s your favourite healthy meal that you serve to your family? Corn, broccoli with tamari and mashed potato is a family faveourite quick comfort dinner as is omelette and salad

15. Are there any pregnancy or parenting books you recommend reading? Conscious Pregnancy by Taran Taran Kaur, beautiful bountiful blissful by gurmukh

16. What’s the thing that happens that makes you think & or say “Oh no not again!” It just happened…my eldest had a friend over & they have trashed the house with their experimental games of water & every roll of toilet paper oh dear there goes my cred as an eco mum!

Aleta is a Kundalini Yoga instructor with 7yrs teaching experience & a passion for the women’s teachings of the lineage. She has followed the Conscious Pregnancy program for two pregnancies & shared these teachings for conception, birth & beyond in group & private sessions. If you would like to learn more about Kundalini Yoga or Conscious Pregnancy please connect with her on any of the below.
0415 883 338
tweet: @aletatweeter
facebook: Aleta Lafferty, group: Kundalini Yoga for Women with Aleta

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