Can you Dry Body Brush When You Are Pregnant? Written by Jodie Smith from Bodecare

I get asked a lot if you can dry body brush while you are pregnant and also do you need to dry brush differently when you are pregnant. The very first thing I always recommend is to speak with your doctor, midwife or obstetrician first to get their feedback. Based on your present health, if you had already been dry body brushing and if they think you are o.k. to do it, here are a few tips you should consider before starting.

*As always dry brush your body before having a shower/bath.

*Be extra gentle during pregnancy, especially the stomach, very light strokes or if it feels uncomfortable don’t brush the stomach at all. You may consider getting a softer bristle body brush, make sure it is still plant bristle. Bodecare has specifically designed Jute plant bristle body brushes for this. They are soft but will still exfoliate skin, open pores and stimulate the circulation.

*Leave out hot/cold baths we don’t know how far you are away from delivery or anything about your state of health.

*It’s O.K. to brush your feet, legs and buttocks. It will release a lot of stress from carrying extra baby weight and help circulation in your legs, as some pregnancies can increase fluid retention around your feet and ankles. It will also assist to maintain your skin from developing any stretch marks. A firm body brush is ok for feet, legs and buttock, especially if you were using the same firm brush before you got pregnant.

*Continue to brush your fingers and hands to reduce any fluid retention. And brush your arms and armpit, to open pores and stimulates sweat glands to release waste material.

*Dry body brushing is an incredible tool to use to get your lymph moving and keep it moving—this assists in our health throughout your pregnancy!

*Always use an organic body moisturiser or Jojoba oil after the shower to keep the skin hydrated and supple, this is key while your skin is stretching are growing through the pregnancy to reduce any stretch marks.

*Scalp tapping would also be a wonderful and relaxing exercise to do regularly while you are pregnant. Use a timber paddle brush with smooth rounded pins and a rubber cushioned base to soften the tapping on your head. See bodecare hair brushes.

Pregnancy is a very special time and something you will treasure always, treating ourselves kindly during this time is so important. Personally I found that if I regularly spent a little bit of time on body maintenance while I was growing, that in time it did enhance the appearance of my body and helped my self-image and self-esteem.

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Happy Brushing!

Jodie Smith


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