Having a cuppa with Patty Kikos- The Yogini, The Reiki Master & The Wedding Celebrant

1. What are your 5 organic must haves?
1)Organic rose hip oil; it’s my daily moisturiser
2) Coconut oil; I eat it, cook with it & moisturise my body with it
3) Himalayan Sea Salt. I add it to food I eat & even to my water to help me absorb essential minerals
4) Essential oils – I use them as perfume, in spray bottles or burn them in my oil burner
5) Tea. Now that I rarely drink coffee, I have become sensitive to the flavors in my tea, especially the chai I drink.

2. What are your top tips for living an organic & non toxic lifestyle for people that are just starting out?
– Plan what you will eat for the week 3-5 days in advance to begin with. Look after yourself by making sure that you have, carrots, nuts or crackers with you if you’ll be away from home for a long time. This will eliminate the predisposition for low blood sugar levels and cravings for high sugary foods.
– Instead of throwing every chemical cleaner out straight away and then wondering how you’ll clean your house and clothes, begin by replacing one toxic thing at a time.
– Research what works for you and see if you can incorporate it to various facets of your life. Once you become comfortable with your new habits, then start throwing the toxic stuff out.

3. Why is it important for you live an organic lifestyle?

I run 2 businesses as a yoga teacher & healer and am also a wedding celebrant. It’s very important for me to do what I love for a living, but unless I’m organised, maintain firm boundaries with my work time and look after myself properly, my work can potentially be demanding and stressful.

I used to suffer from horrendous migraines, so I am very mindful about what I eat, especially as sugar was a source of comfort, but also a big toxin in my life.

4. What are your favourite natural therapies?
– Massage to help ease tired muscles and help massage my lymphatic system
– Yoga – kundalini yoga to strengthen my nervous system, hatha vinyasa to keep my body supple and yin yoga to help me unwind at the end of the day
– Pranayama or breathing techniques to give my immune system a good boost – I do this every afternoon in the form of a breath meditation. It re energises me without me needing a sugar or coffee hit.
– Acupuncture. I have a weekly session to give my vital organs the boost that they need. It’s also a great way for me to check in to see if certain meridians are depleted

5. Do you have a favourite healthy meal you prepare at home?
Oh I have many! I get up at 5 or 5.30am in order to meditate, so by the end of the day, I’ve eaten about 5-6 times.

The 2 things that stand out the most are the things that I eat several times a week. The first is lentil soup with quinoa, zucchini, carrots, cinnamon and lots of garlic in a fresh tomato sauce. In winter, I add chilies. I make a big pot every week and it’s light enough for me to eat while still feeling nourished.
The second is a kale, asparagus, pear, feta and pine nut salad with a fresh lemon sauce. I sometimes add quinoa for extra protein, or substitute walnuts instead of pine nuts. Adding kale to my diet has helped me boost my energy levels considerably.

6. Do you have any tips on natural cleaning products?
– Vinegar is a great way to clean products and eliminate smells as is Eucalyptus Oil and Bi Carb Soda.
Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things is a great book that I refer to often. I am amazed at how things like lemon juice can get stubborn stains out of curtains or how hot water with a bit of bi carb soda helps to clean and shine your jewelry.

7. What do you do to stay fit & active?
– I do everything that I love and it doesn’t feel like exercise especially as I live near Bronte beach. I will often walk or run along the coastline and also meditate or practice yoga along some of my ‘secret spots’ along the cliffs.
– I have a daily meditation practice that includes rejuvenating breathing techniques in addition to the yoga sequences I do.
– Walking my 4 legged companion Rufus is just as important for me as it is for him, in fact, he teaches me to stay in the present and to enjoy every moment as if it’s magical.

8. What are your top tips to de-stress and relax?
– Set aside time to relax and make it part if your day. I used to be terrible at this, so now I schedule my downtime in my daily planner.
– Maintain FIRM boundaries with your work life. This has been one of my greatest lessons, especially when I realised that my overloaded schedule contributed to my migraines. My home is also my office, which I love, but it means that unless I have firm limits with my time schedule, I can potentially work nonstop.
– I get tested with this almost weekly. There will always be a client that can only make our appointment at 8pm or on a Saturday afternoon, and I have learned that the best way to honour my commitments to others is to honour my commitment to myself first.
– Have a Daily Practice. My Daily Meditation rejuvenates and invigorates me. It’s the cheapest form of therapy, as it gives my mind an opportunity to release the clutter it accumulates, but also gives me an opportunity to be honest with my self and assess how I’m really coping with life. If meditation isn’t your thing, then connect with something else like writing, swimming, surfing, cooking, or playing an instrument.
– Have time away from the computer and the Internet. I find that I actually get a lot more work done when I schedule smaller increments of time on my laptop – I’m actually more productive, and my migraines have disappeared.

9. What are you favourite supplements to help you stay healthy and on top of the world?
– My Vital Green mix that I add to my banana smoothie
– My Multi Vitamin that I take everyday
– Occasionally I take Calcium and Magnesium supplements
– Real Cacao to help me eliminate chocolate cravings
– Chlorophyll to give my insides a nice cleanse
– I add chia seeds to practically every meal for an extra boost of protein

10. What are your top-secret beauty tips?
– Get enough sleep – start the wind down process from 8pm.
– Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day
– Love what you do for work
– Love the people around you, and make sure they support you
– Be honest with yourself when you’re unhappy – it’s an opportunity for you to make changes in your life
– Expose yourself to the sun for 20 mins in the early morning or late afternoon – it boosts your immunity!
– When you get tired in the middle of the day, have a 20 minute power nap instead of coffee. A siesta can realy balance our busy lifestyles

11. What are your favourite things to do on the weekend?
– Keeping my computer switched off ☺
– Seeing my family and friends
– Watching foreign films (Italian and Spanish films are my favorite)
– Practice conjugating verbs in Italian (and Spanish)
– Shopping for antique furniture circa 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s – I LOVE those eras
– Roller skating in Centennial Park
– Going to Local Farmer’s markets

12. What’s you favourite restaurant/cafe at the moment?
Brave in Bondi
Café Salinas in Bronte –
Sadhana Café in Newtown – they make chai using almond milk!

13. What are your guilty treats that you indulge in?
– Fried food, chocolate (sugar free these days), pizza, pasta. ☺

14. What is Kundalini Yoga and what are the benefits?
It’s a beautiful yoga practice that targets specific areas or meridians, or chakras of the body. The sequences stimulate your glands and strengthen your nervous system. In fact my last 6 week term for the year starts next week! (For more info go to www.pattykikos.com )

• increase your physical strength & build your stamina by holding postures (that form angles and triangles) for certain lengths of time
• clear the clutter from your mind with meditations so you can be focused at work and in your life
• expand your lung capacity and boost your immunity using breath work
• elevate your consciousness and manifest your dreams through mantras that reprogram your cellular memory
• strengthen your nervous system by boosting your endurance so that you can remain energised no matter how busy or stressful your life is.

15. Have you got any advice to offer new mothers?
Your baby chose you for many karmic reasons, and no matter how challenged you feel, remember, you’re the perfect mum for this bub. Trust yourself.
Many of your friends and family will offer well-meaning advice that won’t resonate with you. Practice maintaining your boundaries with them so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or angry.



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