This afternoon my husband & I dropped Shane off with my in-law’s, and headed over to the hospital to visit a friend.  A tiny little slip of a boy, with a kiss-ably cute scrunched up nose, and a head of thick, dark hair.

He was born the day before yesterday, by c-section, and when I heard that I knew exactly what I was going to bring with us to the hospital: a batch of lactation cookies (scroll down for recipe).

After Shane’s birth, which was by emergency c-section, we struggled with breastfeeding.  Due to the beating my body took, recovering from both labor and and a major surgical procedure, it wound up taking over five days for my milk to finally come in.  In the interim, we were instructed to supplement with formula, and were released from the hospital with an Enfamil-packed diaper bag “for breastfeeding moms” as a parting…

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