Having a cuppa with Nemara Hennigan from the Sydney Ka Huna Centre….

Who is Nemara Hennigan? 

In 1998, Nemara Hennigan’s life took an exceptional turn when she won a Level One Ka Huna Massage training course at the Mind, Body, Spirit festival in Sydney.

“As soon as I saw this massage being performed, I was captivated by the dance and the heartfelt touch. I had to find out what it was all about! I got on the table for a massage and the next 30 minutes changed the course of my life. The universe was looking out for me that day as I ended up winning a place on the Level One training course”

With her sights firmly set on a life involving Ka Huna massage, Nemara completed five levels of training over the proceeding months and with four other practitioners opened up The Ka Huna Centre in July 1998. Setting out to provide Sydney’s most extraordinary massage experience, The Ka Huna Centre attracted people from all walks of life, from all over Sydney and beyond.

“The early days were full of such growth and learning for everyone coming to the centre as well as the practitioners. I knew that the centre was fast becoming a place of profound healing and restoration for people. It’s been such a pleasure to watch the business grow over the years”.
Still hungry to inspire people, Nemara completed Heartworks Lomi Lomi teacher training in 1999 and started conducting Heartworks Massage Courses just north of Sydney.

“So many people wanted to know more about Hawaiian massage, so I started running these courses for our clients who knew the magical, supporting benefits of Ka Huna. The result was an absolute influx of people wanting to become practitioners as well as those wanting to use Hawaiian massage techniques at home.”

Officially rebranded as Sydney Ka Huna in 2010, the centre has grown to 14 practitioners, with Nemara now being the sole owner of the business. She still organises Heartworks Healing Retreats and gets her regular Ka Huna treatments from the beautiful practitioners at her centre.

“This business has been such a gift to have in my life. I have watched so many people walk out of here glowing with confidence and radiant transformation. The possibilities are absolutely endless with a Ka Huna treatment – I’m loving being on this journey to open people’s hearts by helping them celebrate who they are. I know we will be offering this place of warmth for many years to come”.

Q&A INTERVIEW with Nemara Hennigan:

1. What are your organic must haves?
1) Coconut oil for inside and out
2) Spinach for green smoothies
3) Face cream – open to trying all varieties
4) Essential oils for medical kit (doterra esp)
5) Fruit spelt bread with organic butter – sinful x

2. What are your top tips for living an organic & non toxic lifestyle for people that are just starting out?

Stop eating so much processed food- Throw away all weird synthetic creams for face and body – make water your favourite tipple – spend at least 30 mins in nature every day – swim in the ocean several times per week – hang out with people that make you happy (let go of the ones that drag you down) Choose positive thoughts about yourself and others – meditate daily (even 5 mins can make a difference) and embrace yoga!

3. Why is it important for you live an organic lifestyle?
There is nothing more important to me than my health…

4. What are your favourite natural therapies?
Ka Huna Massage (of course) for releasing and rebalancing Body, Mind and Emotions. Accupuncture and chinese herbs.

5. Do you have a favourite healthy meal you prepare at home?
favourite salad – has fried red onion, chickpeas, coriander, rocket, feta cheese, spring onions, lemon juice and olive oil……….. delicious! try it…

6. Do you have any tips on natural cleaning products?

Bi carb Soda – nothing else is needed. Eucalyptus for a bit of germ extinction.

7. What do you do to stay fit & active?
Swim in the ocean all year round, Yoga, nature walks, sauna’s in winter (Bondi Icebergs – hidden gem!)

8. What are you’re top tips to de-stress and relax?
Getting regular Ka Huna treatments is a very effective way for me to let go, relax and destress. the effects are immediate. I also sleep a lot and nap when needed. (Look at animals!)

9. What are you favourite supplements to help you stay healthy and on top of the world?
Lately spray on Magnesium is part of my daily supplement routine. Also practitioner grade Vit. C and B are great for me. Extra supplements I use are Spirulina, Aloe Vera, Cocao, Chia seeds and Love .

10. What are your favourite things to do on the week end?
Spend time with my partner preferably in nature with lots of good eating, resting and loving.

11. What’s you favourite restaurant/cafe at the moment?
Our balcony… 180 degree views of ocean, mum and baby whales passing and playing daily. Food aplenty – why go anywhere else!

12. What are your guilty treats that you indulge in?
Quality Chocolate, chips and beer. No guilt just enjoy! balance is beautiful!

13. What is Ka Huna massage and why should we get Ka Huna’d?

Ka Huna is the massage sytle that comes from the islands of Hawaii. More usually Known as Lomi Lomi or Hawaiian Massage. It is a system of bodywork that addresses the physical body, mental body and emotional body of the client whilst the practitioner works in long flowing strokes over, under and around the body. Therapists work with Aloha energy (love energy) and welcome each person to the table unconditionally. Music, sounds,chants, vibration and ritual are all part of a ka huna experience. Ka Huna is a holistic approach to the body – and leaves the receiver feeling balanced and peaceful through mind, body and emotions. Use regularly as part of your on going health care – why wait to get sick when staying healthy can be so much fun x

14. Can Ka Huna massage help with fertility?

Ka huna is great for fertility (many other massage styles do not touch or expose the abdomen area) as we work with the entire body – belly included. So many of us have stored years of emotional upset or baggage in this area that having regular massage on this area creates space, realigns organs to their correct location and helps with letting go. Many of the women I have touched over the years have had so much stuck energy in the abdomen area that it felt solid and compacted. How can anything grow where energy is stuck or has become solidified.. . As a therapist we focus on making the area fluid, warm , energised, spacious and fertile. Even getting the client to breath with intention into their abdomen can have wonderful and lasting effects. Sydney Kahuna therapists have helped countless women become pregnant over the years.

15. What are the benefits of pregnancy massageAnd how often should we have them during pregnancy?

Having massage whilst pregnant is excellent for the mother to be – its her time to relax, be nurtured and loved unconditionally. So much focus is on the baby growing inside her at this time that often the expectant mother can be forgotten. On a practical level its wonderful for sore backs, hips and legs and provides a beautiful healing time out. Please note that the common school of thought is that the first trimester is a time to avoid massage however we leave that decision up to the mother to be. All our pregnant colleagues have chosen to have regular treatments soon after conception. At Sydney Ka Huna we have special pregnancy massage tables so our mums to be can happily lie face down and baby is happy too.

16. Have you got any advice to offer new mothers?

Remember to get regular massage treatments after your baby is born. Again good abdomen massage will help restore organs to their correct location and thus help you to recover faster. You will now be spending so much time nurturing your beautiful child that you may forget nurturing yourself. And its important for us to fill ourselves up and look after ourselves so we can then give fully and abundantly to our loved ones. Also on a physical level if you are slow to return to exercise flowing hawaiian massage is great for pumping the lymphatic stsyem and stimulating the circulation system.



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