Finally a maternity line designed to look stylish beyond the 9 months – By Fashion Stylist Lenya Jones

New Maternity Line Makes their Debut – Hatch

Hatch was conceived in response to an ever expanding group of style-savvy expectant mothers who you’d never EVER see in any ordinary “maternity” section and is the is the brainchild of new mom and founder of twobirds Bridesmaid, Ariane Goldman.

This 14 piece collection has key pieces for everyday casual to dressing up and going out for a special occasion.  These pieces are designed to be ageless, timeless, and fit all sizes, shapes and builds. The silhouettes are smart, easy and designed to look stylish beyond the 9 months.

Hatch isn’t just a new line of womenswear with a twist: It’s your new ultimate go-to destination for that adaptable but chic dress you’ve been searching for forever, super-cool street style inspiration, and advice for women who just happen to have a tummy that won’t quit. Basically, you’ll never forget those nine months. And now HATCH creates fashion-forward clothes that are unforgettable, too.

HATCH is the proud supporter of the Every Mother Counts campaign that raises awareness of global maternity and provides people all over the world with various ways to contribute and get involved.

You can shop for Hatch on their website – or at Shopbop  

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