Excerpt – ‘Eat Fat Be Thin’ Written by Andi Lew and Dr Natalie Kringoudis


Eat Fat Be Thin Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free Recipes

Without putting words or cake in your mouth, repeat after us, “You CAN HAVE your cake and eat it too!” ‘Eat Fat Be Thin’ shows you how! In fact, News Flash: Good Fats help you to lose weight!

“We are often asked how do we stay thin, what do we eat and why are we cooking and eating cakes all the time? These wheat free, dairy free and sugar free recipes are so easy to do. The kids get to enjoy them too and the bonus is; the good fats they consume, is great for their developing nervous systems!”

Andi Lew and Natalie Kringoudis take us on a journey of sharing their favourite desserts which are not only delicious but are guilt free and darn good for you!

Andi Lew is an advocate for natural health, inspiring patients at the wellness centre she owns with husband Dr Warren Sipser, toward optimal health. She’s an accomplished Australian TV presenter, published author, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Qualified Chiropractic Assistant and co–author of ‘7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You’ and author of ‘The Modern Day Mother’.

Andi Lew is a regular contributor for magazines such as Australian Natural Health and COSMOPOLITAN Pregnancy and has had excerpts published and written for CLEO, WHO, Ultra Fit and Women’s Health and Fitness Magazines to name a few.

Natalie Kringoudis is passionate about holistic and natural living; which led her to follow her career path as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist. Natalie established her fertility and wellness clinic, The Pagoda Tree as she recognised the need for clients to access holistic health care within a supportive environment. Natalie has supported hundreds of patients both locally and across Australia.

Now specialising in fertility, she combines both western and eastern treatments to achieve the best outcome and be at the front of the fertility field. Natalie has been featured in many publications including Marie Claire, Cosmo Health, Cosmo Pregnancy and Body and Soul and appeared on The Morning Show as their natural health & fertility expert.

Natalie is a registered practitioner of The Traditional Chinese Medicine Board and author of ‘Fertilise Yourself’.

Dr Damian Kristof was honoured to be asked to write the foreword for ‘Eat Fat, Be Thin’ because it is in line with his philosophy and how he cares for his patients, getting amazing results.‘Getting the skinny on fat has never been so easy. Good fats, bad fats, not getting fat; it’s all wrapped up tight in this snack size myth buster. Andi and Nat have done a great job!’ – by Dr Damian Kristof – TV Presenter of New Zealand’s Downsize Me and naturopath, nutritionist and chiropractor reiterates, “Having been in the health and wellness industry for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen a heap of trends and fads come and go. Despite the many detractors of health and wellbeing in the media, Andi continues to rise above the rubble of poor quality information and sheds bright and new light on tricky subjects regarding health and individual health choices.”

Marketing Co-ordinator; Lily Lee from ‘The Chia Company.’ says,” We love the recipes using our chia seeds in the orange and chia seed cake! Chia is the richest combined plant source of Omega 3, fibre, protein and antioxidants and also has the perfect 3 to 1 ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids!” 

Andi Lew and Dr Natalie Kringoudis have joined forces in couture cookery because they are both health professionals looking after and inspiring women of all ages to be healthy and stay thin. Their fans and followers have been waiting for this information on how to eat really well by including ‘good’ fats in their diet that actually help you to lose weight!

Recipes include tantalizing chocolate berry torte, raw chocolate brownies and orange and chia seed cake

Eat Fat, Be Thin – available in book stores December 3rd, 2012 in time for Christmas! RRP $24.95 E-book $12.95 By Heart to Heart Publishing, Dennis Jones Distribution




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