Let’s get the dirt on disposable nappies!

Lets be honest… How many of you thought when you were pregnant ‘I wanna do the right thing for the environment and for my baby and only use re-usable cloth nappies?’ I know I did.

Being a huge lover of all things natural and organic I was determined to keep it green and eco friendly. I had it all planned out. Or so I thought.

Before Isabelle was born I began to do my research to find the best eco friendly, re-usable cloth nappies on the market.

The ones I found were not only environmentally friendly, they also looked good and I was told they would absorb all of those nasty, smelly surprises. They were completely safe for babies and a great option for the eco system too.  I was so excited! I thought to myself I’ve done it. I’ve ticked all the boxes.

Being a new mother I was expecting an increase in washing with a new little baby to look after however I did not anticipate I would need to change my daughters outfit from head to toe every time she did a number 1 or number 2.

It was ridiculous I was told that these nappies were absorbent and clearly the shop assistant was either miss informed, lied to me or my daughter was doing much larger wee’s and poo’s that other babies.

I was going through 12-14 FULL outfit changes a day plus changing the sheets and blankets daily…. It got me thinking…. The reason I got these nappies in the first place was so I could be “eco friendly” and surly doing this amount of  washing on 30-60 degrees (depending on the stains and poo explosions) could not be good for the environment. Then to top it all of we live in an apartment with no outdoor clothesline. I hung up as much stuff as possible on our indoor clothing rack but still we had the washing machine and dryer going 24/7.

I’m thinking that’s not good for the environment and it’s defiantly not good for your pocket! Our electricity bill has more than doubled since Isabelle was born.

There had to be a better option so I was back on the hunt! I was about to do the unthinkable, buy “generic disposable nappies!” and then I remembered I was given some disposable nappies at my baby shower so I dug them out and was so excited to find they we’re “eco friendly disposable nappies.” I wanted to know more so I jumped onto their website to find this…

( I’ve been hooked ever since!)


Often people ask the question, “How environmentally friendly can disposable nappies really be?” Well the answer to that question is quite simple:

  • Disposable nappies made from biodegradable materials will degrade in landfill faster than nappies made from plastics and toxic chemicals; reducing the amount of landfill. Tests conducted by IBIS world (Australia’s largest independent research group) claim that a regular disposable nappy can take up to 500 years to decompose.  Biodegradable nappies can take as little as 90-180 days if composted in the right conditions.
  • Nappies made from sustainable materials reduce the burden on the earth.  The materials are renewable and will not drain the earth of minerals and oils that once used up cannot be naturally replaced.

GrowingUp Green™ nappies are made using INGEO™ which uses natural plant based fully sustainable materials such as corn.

  • If the manufacturing process of the nappy you purchase does not use chemicals and toxins it will reduce the amount of harmful gas emissions and chemicals being released into the air we breathe and water we drink, resulting in a cleaner, ‘greener’ world.

No chemicals or oils are used in the production of GrowingUp Green™ nappies.  They are also 100% chlorine free.

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