Maternity Jeans – By Fashion Stylist Lenya Jones


When I originally started researching for this post I had the idea that unless you were going to have more than one child, Maternity Jeans were a waste of money.   But after a bit of research, I found that there are lots and lots of economical Maternity Denim options that work for all budgets.  The key to buying the jeans are comfort and good belly support.

Here are my top 3 suggestions, they are all straight-leg versions as this cut is the most versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down:

Top of the range –  J Brand Straight Leg Maternity Jean available on $376.66  – These straight-leg maternity jeans have a low front rise and a high back with elastic gores at the waistband to maintain a good fit without sacrificing comfort.

Mid Range – Szabo Maternity Skinny Jeans available on  $139.95 – These straight-leg jeans feature a large over-tummy band for comfort and support.

Lower end of the Range – Just Jeans S Fit Straight Maternity Jean available at Just Jeans $89.95 – These straight-leg jeans are made of stretch denim with low front rise and soft stretched rib panels on waistband. Jeans&Level3Click=Maternity Jeans

Written by Lenya Jones


The five important pieces for your Maternity Wardrobe


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