The Five Important Pieces for your Maternity Wardrobe – By Fashion Stylist Lenya Jones

Excerpt from the Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux – Expecting – The period during which a woman is expecting a baby is not always, it must be admitted, the most propitious one for elegance. A bad completion, an expanding waistline, a silhouette becoming a bit awkward towards the end, all add up to an image that is not always a joy to contemplate in the mirror. But since almost every woman is obliged to go through it at one time or another, it is better to accept the situation with good humour and make the most of it.
A good plan is to buy only a few things for your maternity wardrobe and to wear the same pieces over and over again until you are quite fed up with them. This way you can give them away afterwards without the slightest regret. Above all, don’t try to have them taken in at the seams after you have recovered your normal figure. The clothes you have worn throughout these long months will disgust you for the rest of your days.
With this in mind, every expectant mother should make sure to have these five basics in their wardrobe to wear over and over till their bub arrives. Then either rehome them to another expectant mother or throw them out and embrace your new “Mummy” body by buying yourself some new non-maternity clothes.

Here is the list:

The Cami – is very important to get one with built in supports like this one by Ninth Moon Maternity

Good Trousers – a slim leg trouser is a cool and simple way to stay comfortable and stylish during your pregnancy. Try these by Noppies – this is the Bengalin Trousers Plus –

Two simple Top – a good top that is both comfortable and fashionable should be made with good quality fabrics and have a relaxed fit so that you can feel cool and comfortable. Try this one by Jade –

For dressier occasions try this one by Jess –

An A-line Skirt – an a-line skirt is so versatile. It can be worn with your tank for casual days and with an elegant top for dressier affairs. Try this one by Maternal America –

Written by Lenya Jones

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