Favourite “BABY BEAUTY” products!

As I’m sure you are aware there are many different lotions and potions out there for babies and it’s hard finding the right one to do the job. While I think it is extremely important to find the safest product to use on your beautiful baby I also love all things organic & things that are safe for the environment! My whole life I have had extremely sensitive skin and had a feeling that my daughter Isabelle would be the same so I made it my mission to find the the BEST organic and natural products on the market! Here are some of my favourites! I’d love to hear your thoughts and know if you’ve had any good experiences with any other organic and natural products so feel free to comment or send me an email!

Nature’s Child, Bottom Balm: This is by far one of my favourite products! It’s completely natural & organic and in my opinion the best thing to clear up nappy rashes! Few other products stand up to bottom balm in the amount of certified organic ingredients used. This product is Certified by ACO (Australian Certified Organic). It’s cloth and Disposable Nappy Friendly.
I use it on Isabelle every time I change her nappy as a barrier cream and I’m proud to say she has never had a nappy rash! Try it for yourself and let me know what you think? RRP: $19.95


Tri Nature, Massage oil: A light textured and luxurious massage oil to promote wellbeing and calm. Calming solution for Baby Contains jojoba Oil to hydrate and condition the skin Helps prevent the formation of stretch marks…. $25.95 AUD


Milk Baby: is an organic skincare range for babies and toddlers. The products in the Milk Baby range are all natural, using organic ingredients where possible. They smell & feel amazing and have the cutest names like:
Snotty Grotty Room Spray – $24.95
Stinky Winky Room Spray- $29.95
Nighty Night – $24.95
Sleepy Bubs Massage Oil – $28.95
Spotty Tots Miracle Cream – $34.95
Bath Time Wash – $22.95


móa green balm: It’s GREEN, it’s a BALM, it’s 100% NATURAL and it’s a MIRACLE! Crammed with organic yarrow and lots of other lovely natural stuff this handy pot of móa balm has many weird and wonderful uses…. móa large 50ml $14.95

http://www.thegreenbalm.com/ or

Reynard Everyday Wipes: Ultra soft, strong and highly absorbent. NO chemicals, NO fragrances just add water & wipe. Great for sensitive bottoms! RRP $6.99


One thought on “Favourite “BABY BEAUTY” products!

  1. I love Moa! I keep it in my purse and use it for everything from chapped lips to minor burns and cuts. It is amazing, I even put it on my dog when she gets cuts and any type of rashes.

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