How to become a HOT MAMA in just 10 weeks!

Hey Mamas…spread the word Mama Moves has just re-released their most popular eBook ever!!!
10 weeks to becoming a Hot Mama combines the best elements of Cardio Interval Training, Body
Conditioning and Pilates based exercises to meet the needs of the post-natal mum.
Interval Training: Increases fitness and energy levels. It will help you burn more calories during and after exercise.
Body Conditioning: Helps you maintain your muscle mass. Muscle burns a lot of calories, even while you are at rest. This is important to keep your metabolism up so that you are burning calories each day.
Pilates: Firms your abdominals and helps strengthen and stretch the entire body from head to toe. It will create long lean muscles.
Mama Moves is a mind and body fitness program that not only helps you create your best body ever, but also helps you feel mentally and emotionally balanced, strong and re-energised!
The long lasting solution lies in the integration of the most important factors for fat loss: healthy clean food, interval training cardio style, resistance circuit training and a positive mindset (keeping your eyes on the prize!).
The key to succeeding with 10 Weeks to Becoming a Hot Mama and achieving your pre- pregnancy body or even better, is consistency. Clear goals, regular exercise and a supportive eating plan produce maximum results.
Only YOU have the ability to take daily action, stay focused, and make improvements to your lifestyle so you can reap the rewards of your best body ever!
So what are you waiting for? Get moving with Mama Moves!
Download your copy in the online shop at

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